Wondrous Patterns of Limina

I find it endlessly fascinating to see all the wondrous patterns that Limina brings to me. It seems a day doesn’t go by that I discover some new masterpiece. The sky, the ocean, the plants or the numerous geological prizes that grace our beach. I love the patterns and textures of this photo showing the transition of land to water. The thin quiet layer of water in the foreground that is shimmering the multiple colors and patterns of the sky. Then the waves of pebbles that tell us of the past receding tide. Beyond the pebbles is a cove with gentle waves rolling to the shore. Next is the more turbulent ocean that distracts us from its hidden depths.

I wonder what patterns in my life might mirror these transitions. Are there times of thin quiet layers that might be shimmering a beautiful reflection of a greater spirit? What are the bumpy pebbles that I have to navigate through to get to the shore? What turbulence lies beyond my shore that is hiding unseen worlds for me to discover? So wondrous and so beautiful!