“What happened to your blog?”

Recently, a friend asked me if I had stopped writing for our blog and I was somewhat confused. I have been writing regularly this winter and spring as part of my work with a congregation in transition. As I continue on the grief journey following my brother’s death, I have been grateful for the rhythm of congregational life to ground my reflections.

And as many of you know, grief does funny things with our minds. I *thought* that I had been posting my musings to our blog, and now realize that I missed a step in publishing them. All of them. Since early February. Big huge D’OH !!!

So if you subscribe to this blog, I apologize that you will be getting roughly an email a day as I catch up on making the posts “live.” And then we will return to a more normal rhythm.

I’m excited to be launching a new series of reflections this spring, and look forward to sharing them with you.

Hugs and blessings,