Welcome to our chapel / meditation hall / yoga space!

I marvel to experience the Spirit guiding each step of the journey to create sacred space at Limina. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to dedicate space for people to pray in whatever ways their bodies and spirits desire. Personally, my prayer life takes many forms.  My Zen meditation practice each morning (with a cup of coffee and George, our Shih Tzu) opens me to the day and helps clear space in my mind to more fully receive the divine. Yoga relaxes and strengthens my body and mind, and helps me work through places of constriction. And having been raised in liturgical traditions and being an Episcopal priest, my soul finds ease with praying in the ancient words of services from around the Anglican Communion. I was overwhelmed with the prospect of making a huge empty room feel holy, but the Spirit laughed and rushed to help!

The first addition to our chapel was our prayer “tree,” where 24 devotional candles wait to be lit. Across many spiritual and religious traditions, lighting candles play an important part in our devotional lives. People may light a candle to:

  • Offer a visual focus for prayer;
  • Set an intention for a prayer time retreat, or new phase in your life;
  • Remember a loved one in prayer;
  • Remind us of the divine spark in each of us;
  • Receive comfort from the flickering light.

The next sacred items to bless the space came to us from a mentor and friend – The Rev. Marie David and her husband, the Rev. Jim David. Marie and Jim were the founding priests at St. Mary Magdala Ecumenical Catholic Community, and hosts at Evensong Retreat House. Marie was my reiki master teacher, and she and Jim generously shared their wisdom from hosting retreats for over 15 years on Cape Cod. Now that they have retired and sold Evensong, their altar had been in storage. We are so honored to give the altar a new home, and feel the years of prayers soaked into the wood now blessing Limina.

Marie, Jim, and the St. Mary Magdala community also gifted us with the quilt with a dove rising over the beach and ocean that had been given to them at the founding of their church. Now this treasure blesses the wall of our chapel. Thank you to the Rev. Kathy Rigordaeva and the Rev. Kathleen Carpenter, current co-pastors, for facilitating the sharing of these sacred items.

Much of the art in the chapel and hallway outside the wellness rooms is created by Janet McKenzie. I love her Madonna and Child with peace cranes, and the image of Jospeh tenderly cradling the baby Jesus. I wrote in a previous blog post about creating the cross for this altar, and feel the cosmic Christ energy flowing from its arms.

When considering our meditation table, Bill and I agreed that a living tree should be the heart of this space. A trip to the New England Bonsai Garden and consultation with bonsai master Peter drew us to this Hawaiian umbrella tree. I feel the source of all love and life flowing through this lovely tree and harmonizing with the earth, water, and fire elements near her.

While all of the spaces at Limina are sacred and blessed by the connection with the divine in nature, we set apart our chapel space to gather in community and experience the spirit moving among us. We will have times of prayer and praise throughout each day, and the nature of the services will be tailored to meet our guests where they are. I hope you will come and experience these blessings.