The news from Limina is not pretty right now as it seems that every room and surface is covered in dust! I choose to think of it as sacred dust as it’s the outward sign of the incredibly hard work that so many people are pouring into the home. (If only that reasoning worked for all the dust in my life ; )

So I made an escape to Belfast Fiber Arts where I was surrounded by gorgeous colors and soft fibers. Alice is the owner of Fiber Arts, and in small town synchronicity, is also the real estate photographer who had taken the photos of Limina before we bought the property. So while I learned more about the home and property, she began to teach me how to weave. If you talk to me for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with all things fiber … sheep, alpaca, angora bunnies, spinning, knitting and crocheting. I was always intimidated by weaving since it involves a huge investment to get started. However, Alice rents studio looms by the week so I can learn without having to persuade Bill that he doesn’t need a closet.

My brain is not as quick as it was, so I’m grateful for Alice’s clear instructions and patience. In two lessons, I’ve designed some placements for Limina, measured my warp strings (probably not the right lingo), and started the warping process (SHUSH! you who are chuckling that the warping process began long ago!) My friend Margot gave me a calligraphed print that says “Start weaving and God will give you the thread.” This is the process at Limina and it’s a marvel to behold.