The wonders of foresting bathing

I just returned from a wonder filled 5-day Nature immersion in Hendersonville NC. The conference was based on the emerging practice of Shinrin Yoku also known as Forest Bathing. Dr Qing Li in his Book Forest Bathing describes this Japanese based therapeutic practice as the art and science of how trees can promote health and happiness. I had a great experience learning new ways to connect with Nature by slowing down to forest time and allowing my senses to be in the moment. I was invited to listen, receive, and offer. We learned what M. Amos Clifford calls a “partner relationship,” characterized by communication and give and take… to learn to be part of the web of relatedness, to be a part of the interrelatedness of all beings.

While at this immersion experience, I was inspired to create trails and stations at Limina that will take our guests on a journey through the land and to discover the special places that might awaken our senses and find new connections to the spirits of that Land. I hope you will come and be in relationship with the sacred land at Limina.

May you Walk in Beauty, Bill