Tai Chi / Qi Gong at Limina

We are so fortunate that Dean Anderson has been offering movement classes on our deck. Dean is a wise, clear teacher and with every class, I feel more flow in my body. Having been a lifelong runner, I chuckle to watch how twitchy I get when encouraged to move slowly and mindfully. I think I move more standing still than while doing Tai Chi walking, and when Dean offers guidance on the beautiful, floaty exercise “Swallows Skim Over Water,” I feel myself wanting to swing my arms wildly in the quick-paced “Knocking on Heaven’s door” yoga pose. So of course, Dean’s classes are exactly what I need to help my body sink into the beauty of the present moment, connect with the Spirit of life, and learn a new way of being. Dean teaches at almost all of our retreats, so come and experience the flow for yourself!