Soaking in Photoncides -AKA- Forest Bathing

I guided our first Forest Bathing Walk this month for our Helping Professionals Retreat guests. I was a bit anxious as it was my first full guided walk and my participants were seasoned professionals. I wanted to make sure they recieved a smooth walk and really had an opportunity to experience the specialness of Limina. I had carefully thought out the sequence of invitations and the best route on our new trails. After a brief introduction in our Arts room we moved out through our first threshold… A fern meadow gracing a majestic Ash tree. I hoped this special setting would help them to sink into their senses and let the forest connect with them. After a few sensory invitations we were on our way. I quietly waited and hoped for a few clues during our sharing circle. I was rewarded with meaniful expressions, thanks again to a seasoned group who seemed to easily embrace the journey. I exhaled and relaxed and we moved on to the next invitations. We met trees and many others from the More then Human World.

We are blessed to be able to include invitations at our beach, it is such a magical place. We concluded our walk with a Tea Ceremony, giving thanks to the land and sea and to each other. I also want to give thanks to my guests who helped make this a special day for me, Thank You.

I look forward to honing my guide skills and for future guests.