Shifting seasons

I arrived at Limina on the cusp of the spring equinox, with snow swirling all around me and the dogs as we set out for our morning tromp. The Star Being was wearing a snow-coat, and heavy clouds shrouded the sun. I felt like I was walking in black-and-white photo, and the shapes of the land were more prominent with its colors disguised. The next day, the snow squall had passed and the sun warmed us to nearly 50 degrees. On our walk, these brave shoots were slowly emerging from the warmer depths of earth. I had not seen them the day before but certainly they had already poked through the grass. Watching the shifting seasons makes it clear that there is no boundary between winter and spring. The “change” marked by the calendar is a much more fluid transition. The warm sun of these early spring days are pierced with the chill north winds. And winter’s blustery last snow flurries dissolve in hours. I’m so grateful for the reminder that change is an organic process full of starts that stall and then blaze back to take root. And knowing that winter is receding makes these last snow storms feel magical, like living in a snow globe.

Part of the grace of Limina is experiencing the Spirit’s gentle teachings through the outer landscape as our inner landscapes adjust to change and transition. Every season is so beautiful on this sacred land. We can’t wait to share it with you.