Ripening, harvesting, preparing

All over the land, we can see the cycles of seed, blossom, pollination, emerging and ripening fruit, and seeds setting for next year. The lupines were EXQUISITE this year, and as we see the thousands of seed pods that will drop in the coming months, it’s thrilling to imagine next June’s display. Our blueberry bushes are fruiting out, and soon will provide tasty treats for us and the birds. Herb has been working to save the fruit trees planted by the previous owner and we’re being reward with some baby Honey Crisp apples starting to ripen.

Watching these and other plants has been a sweet invitation for me to think about the seeds, blossoms, fruits, and new seeds in my life. In some areas, I’ve gotten to see the cycle come to completion. This spring, I served as a sabbatical co-pastor to help cover for my friend Angie who is taking some much deserved rest and renewal. Heidi and I had nurtured this seed of an idea of sharing sabbatical coverage and then nurtured it through the full fruiting. I loved my time with Cotuit Federated Church, and now that time has passed and I am left with a heart of gratitude.

Our c0-creation at Limina is more like the lupines – full blossoms and seed pods flourish together in abundance. We are so happy to be welcoming guests who are starting to flow through our doors and are experiencing the abundant blessings of this sacred land. And recently, I’ve had beautiful conversations with guest retreat facilitators about our Fall Equinox retreat that will explore the beautiful gifts of darkness. We will also offer a retreat in early November to support people who are living with grief, especially as the holidays approach. The Beauty of Grief will facilitate a process of transformation through embracing life’s sorrows. And Bill and I will be offering retreats on the profound gifts of Forest Bathing and a women’s retreat on The Art of Purposeful Shedding – letting go to make room for new growth.” Please enjoy exploring these offerings and consider registering or sharing the links with friends and colleagues.

I hope you can take a walk and look for these and many our cycles that the land can reveal. May you be blessed with insights into your cycles, and the peace of spending time gazing on such beauty.