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The Blessing of Time Apart

Spiritual retreats nurture our bodies and spirits by giving us the gifts of unstructured time, quiet, a shift in daily routines, and a change in environment.  At Limina, you will also experience the extraordinary beauty of the landscape reaching out to accompany you on your inner journey. Witnessing to constant changes in the sky, land, and sea can carve new pathways for living through liminal times.

While on retreat, you have the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with the source of all love and life. In addition to personal prayer and meditation, at Limina we offer daily opportunities to pray in community. We also encourage exploration of new prayer practices and are happy to suggest simple tools and resources to help deepen your connection to God, your inner wisdom, and creation.

The gift of quiet on retreat 

An essential part of your stay at Limina will be the quiet. When you cross the threshold of Limina, you will experience the peace and ease of the home and land. By cultivating quiet throughout the house and land, we give each other the gift of listening to the divine whispers in our souls and hearts. Smart phones, tablets, and computers are not permitted in public spaces at Limina. You are welcome to use them, with headphones, in your private rooms. Since much of the “noise” in our lives is visual, we encourage you to consider refraining from using electronic devices so that you can better listen to your own wisdom and divine insights that come to you on the land. If you are nervous about spending time in quiet, please reach out to our staff so we can answer questions and support you.

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“You are leaving behind the many noises that come from the world you live in, and you are beginning an inner journey that will open your eyes so that you can see your deepest truth. This type of journey will allow you to discover the treasure that you are.” 

Loyola House, Guelph

Offering Many Types of Retreats

Quiet retreats are unstructured and allow the Spirit to guide the shape of each day. Spiritual direction sessions are available at the beginning of the retreat and then a daily check-in is offered. Guided nature walks are offered each day. Reiki, massage, and other healing arts can be scheduled by guests. An atmosphere of quiet is maintained in the house and on the grounds, except for the daily readings at lunch, and conversations around the fire and over dinner.

In addition to receiving benefits from the quiet and landscape, we also offer retreats organized around specific themes related to the many changes that arise throughout our lives. Retreat leaders will share their insights during group sessions, and then you will have plenty of unstructured time to reflect on the teachings. Guided nature walks are offered each day. Reiki, massage, and other healing arts can be scheduled by guests. 

Several times each year, Limina is available for first responders, day care providers, teachers and other school staff, health care workers, therapists, social workers, lay religious staff, chaplains, clergy, and their families to enjoy some rest and play. Limina staff will be available to support your stay by providing meals, snacks, and any other assistance you need.

We welcome groups seeking to connect more deeply with nature, each other, and the divine. If desired, Limina staff can be available to help facilitate sessions and coordinate hospitality. Reiki, massage, and other healing arts can be scheduled by guests. Please complete our inquiry form to begin the process of booking Limina for your private stay.

“When change occurs, if we sink into the depth of our inner knowing and allow ourselves to simply be and rest, we allow nature’s intelligence to operate. As humans we tend to immediately look at what we need to do, to “fix” it, but there are times we must rest and allow the energy to build inside us before new birth can occur.”

Speaking with Nature

Rates & financial assistance


  • Rates are per person and per night and for all retreats include:
    • Three meals a day, healthy snacks, and beverages;
    • Daily prayer and meditation offerings;
    • Use of our sauna, biomat, and fitness room;
    • Movement classes such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong; and
    • Access to all trails in the forest and by the sea
Depending on the kind of retreat, additional offerings are included in the rates, such as:
    • Speaker’s stipend and materials;
    • Individual spiritual direction sessions;
    • Guided forest bathing sessions on the land;
    • Group opportunities to connect with each other and process insights.
  • While the rates will differ based on the kind of retreat, kind of room, and rate-level chosen (see below), here are some general guidelines for a four-night stay for one person:

    • Helping Professionals Stay: $410 – $1165
    • Quiet Retreat: $580 – $1455
    • Themed Retreat: $790 – $1760
  • Reiki, massage, wellness, and other healing modality sessions are available for an additional fee paid directly to the provider. 

Financial Assistance

  • In the spirit of true hospitality – an essential aspect of Limina’s Christian and Buddhist roots – we are committed to offering financial assistance to those who are genuinely unable to afford the cost of a retreat.
  • At each retreat, there are three rates available in the reservation system:
    • Base rate: covers the costs of a guest’s stay,
    • Sky rate: covers the costs of the guest’s stay plus some extra to make retreats available to all
    • Sea rate: recognizes that finances are not the only resources we have to share in the world
  • Please contact us to explore work / stay possibilities if the “Sea rate” does not work for you.

Welcome Book

“Food is communion that erases all boundaries. When we gather around tables like spokes around a wheel, we draw each other into a sacred hoop that affirms us all in our humanity and deepens our awareness of the sacred nature of every breath, every word and every gesture.”

Peter Bolland

Food and Meals at Limina

During your stay at Limina, we hope that everything you take into your body through your senses will nourish you. The tantalizing smells, beautifully presented meals, and delicious tastes are an essential part of supporting your retreat. 

Our food choices reflect our values about the land and our fellow human beings, so we happily support local farmers and only purchase meats from animals who have been treated humanely. We always have options for plant-based eating, and gluten-free options are available at every meal.

We offer three meals a day at 8 am, 12:30 pm, and 6:30 pm prepared by our creative chef. Breakfast is a quiet meal to honor the various awakening processes of guests. Healthy snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available throughout the day and at meals. Limina is a substance-free campus.

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We look forward to welcoming you to Limina soon!

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