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The Beauty of Grief: Transforming Our World by Embracing Life’s Sorrows

November 1 @ 5:00 pm - November 5 @ 1:00 pm



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The Beauty of Grief: Transforming Our World by Embracing Life’s Sorrows 

“To be human is to know loss in its many forms. ….  Acknowledging this reality enables us to find our way into the grace that lies hidden in the sorrow.  We are most alive at the threshold between loss and revelation; every loss ultimately opens the way for a new encounter.”                                           –Francis Weller


Through slowing down and listening deeply to our hearts, we will learn to welcome, explore, and tend our grief. Drawing on the work of therapist, writer, and soul-activist, Francis Weller, along with inspiration from Martín Prechtel, Joanna Macy, Charles Eisenstein, and Bill Plotkin, we will discover “that grief is not a problem to be solved, not a condition to be medicated, but a deep encounter with an essential experience of being human” (Weller).

We will utilize the practice of council (communicating open-heartedly and respectfully in a sacred, co-created container of trust and tenderness), as well as inquiry, writing, reflection, ritual, and time in nature. As we honor that grief is integral to our wholeness, we will experience the beauty and strength in our unique abilities to cultivate our capacities of presence, compassion and wisdom–the capacities essential in creating what Eisenstein describes as the “more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

This retreat is for you if:

  • You have lost someone you’ve loved. You realize the truth that everything and everyone you love, you will lose.
  • You sense there are parts of you that have been banished and hidden, often wrapped in shame. These neglected places in you have been pushed outside the circle of worth.
  • You are overwhelmed by the cumulative grief of the world–the prevailing sorrow for the suffering and losses in our struggling world, of ecological devastation, wars, injustice, and poverty.
  • You long to belong. You long to be intimately connected with your surroundings and your community–you long to be welcomed.
  • You have experienced the undigested grief of your ancestors. The inheritance from our ancestors, meant to be a blessing, is instead a heaviness.


The retreat begins Friday, November 1 at 5 pm, and concludes on Monday, November 4, after lunch.

We will progress deeper into the material as we move through the weekend. This retreat is designed for those who plan to attend all sessions, beginning Friday evening and ending Monday midday.

Our time together will include plenty of time to rest, reflect, share rituals and stories alike, and eat wholesome meals. More information about what to expect and preparing for the weekend will be shared upon registration and prior to the retreat beginning.


Testimonials from past grief council participants

“One of the most powerful groups I’ve ever been in for facilitating change in me that ripples out into the rest of my life.” –Katia A.

“The Grief Council series has been an amazing deep dive and soft landing into a subject I have kept at bay, grief. Our team of guides created a safe, welcoming space in which trust grew among us, fostering genuine heart centered participation.” –Lynne O.


Meet Hanlon, Hank, and Kathy, your retreat leaders


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