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Helping Professionals Stay June 2023

Several times each year, Limina is available for first responders, day care providers, teachers and other school staff, health care workers, therapists, social workers, lay religious staff, chaplains, clergy, and their families to enjoy some rest and play. The time is unstructured to allow guests to rest and play. While here you can:

  • watch the light change over the land and sea,
  • walk in the woods or on the beach,
  • nap,
  • read,
  • Enjoy “Arts in the Park” in Belfast
  • do puzzles,
  • play games,
  • write in a journal,
  • color or paint,
  • make music,
  • workout,
  • meet new friends around the fire pit,
  • and many more!

The stay begins Friday June 23rd and concludes on Thursday June 29th after lunch. The minimum stay for these retreats is 4 nights. Our time together will include plenty of time to share rituals and stories alike, make summer memories, and eat wholesome meals.

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