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Optimize: A Transformational Retreat

October 3 @ 4:00 pm - October 6 @ 1:00 pm




  1. make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource).


Create lasting changes you can build on in all areas of your life moving forward. You will receive the tools to enthusiastically advance to the next level and beyond.


Immerse yourself in a highly experiential retreat designed to free you from emotional obstacles and limiting mindsets. Unlock your true potential, break through barriers and discover the path to your highest self in a supportive, transformative, beautiful space.


Why should you consider this retreat?

Because it’s a chance to pause, recharge, and realign with your goals and dreams. It’s a reminder of your worth and the importance of your aspirations. And it’s a supportive environment that can guide you through any challenges you may be facing.

  • Spend time in beautiful, picturesque Maine at Limina Renewal Center on Penobscot Bay. The center has 15 acres of gardens, walking paths, and gorgeous sea views. Surround yourself with nature and slow down for a few days. Clear your head.

  • Rest, relax, and make new friends, experiences, and insights.

  • Participate in exercises designed to create clarity, build excitement, and get you motivated!

  • Eat delicious food, snacks, and drinks prepared by a private chef, and you won’t have to do the dishes or answer the question…” What’s for dinner?”

  • Check out your welcome gift



What can I expect?

We want to know about your hopes and dreams for creating the life you deserve! We want you to share it with everyone. We’ll be focusing on not only helping you create that future you dream of but also identifying and healing/removing anything that may be preventing you from getting there. We’ve created a schedule of talks mixed with experiential exercises, meditations, journaling, conversations, and constellations. You’ll be actively participating in our own healing and creating, as well as helping other participants. We also know that this is called a retreat, so we have left open space for downtime, socialization, walks around the property, and taking advantage of the sauna or biomat.



What’s included?

  • Accommodation- 3 nights in the beautiful Linmina Renewal Center retreat house, where you’ll feel at home and are encouraged to walk around in your socks and comfy clothes! Please note that all rooms are unique, and most share a bathroom with one other room. Two of the rooms are shared accommodations, so if you are coming with a friend, great—you’ll get to share a room—just let us know! Otherwise, if you choose a shared room but are traveling solo, you may have a roommate (a friend you have yet to meet!).

  • Meals- All of your meals, snacks, and drinks will be provided. When you reserve your spot we will ask for any dietary guidelines from you. The chefs at Limina can accommodate all sorts of diets: vegan, vegetarian, and omnivore. They, however, ask us to let you know that although they can create gluten-free meals, the kitchen is not certified gluten-free, and they can not guarantee zero contamination. If you have any allergies please be sure to mention that to us.

  • Entertainment- We are working on a couple of evening events, and we don’t want to give away all the fun details just yet!

  • Group activities/workshops—We expect to have a relatively small, intimate group. Most of the work that we’ll be doing will be all of us together, but we may break up into smaller groups and do some exercises. Additionally, since Toni is a psychic medium and medical intuitive and Ed is a licensed marriage and family therapist, you have to know that a leopard can’t change its spots, and we can’t help ourselves! There will definitely be some readings and Ed-style coaching stuff happening!

  • Zoom session—Of course, after this, we’ll be invested! We’ll want to keep in touch and see how you’re doing with a private Zoom session about three months after the retreat.

  • Secret FB group and a private WhatsApp chat group- To keep in-touch with all participants!

  • Private Access- One-year website subscriptions to both Ed and Toni’s websites




Meals are served buffet style, and we will join around a large, beautiful dining room table like a family. Snacks are always available throughout the day, as well as a lovely, well-appointed coffee/tea bar area where you are encouraged to help yourself at anytime. 

You know how you get if you do have your coffee in the morning! 






The retreat begins the afternoon of Thursday October 3rd at 4 pm and concludes on Sunday October 6th at 1 pm.


What’s the cost?

  • Private rooms start at $1433, and shared accommodations start at $1323 for two singles sharing a room if you are attending with a friend or you want to save a little money and don’t mind being paired with another attendee. Couples sharing a private room range from $2308 to $2598 of amazingness!

  • The fee is all-inclusive and covers everything from the moment you arrive onsite (that is, rooms, meals, drinks, snacks, workshops, talks, a gift, and so much more).

  • For anyone who wants to find their own accommodations, we offer a commuter option at $795 per person, which includes everything minus a bedroom, so all meals…etc.


How do I reserve my spot?

  • Reservations can be made by emailing us and letting us know what room has caught your eye. We’ll send you an invoice where you can make a payment. You can pay in full or leave a $500 deposit to hold your space.

  • Final payments need to be completed four weeks before the retreat. Five unique private rooms and two beautiful shared rooms are available. Rooms will be booked on a first-paid, first-served basis.

  • We will only hold a room for 24 hours and ask that you make a payment within 24 hours to secure your requested room.


Meet Ed and Toni Federici, your retreat leaders

Questions? Contact info@liminarenewal.com.