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Daring to Rest: Fall Retreat for Women

October 25 @ 3:00 pm - October 29 @ 1:00 pm


“Notice how the trees do not cling to their leaves.  Fall is about releasing the old to make way for the new.  As the leaves change, so do we.  Turning and shifting—shedding gracefully parts of ourselves that serve us no more.  Making room for next years’ growth, joys and beauty.”



How would it feel to:

  • Take 3 full days off from your daily life
  • Take a rest from cooking, including worrying about meeting your dietary needs.Retreat meals have a gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based option and can accommodate many other dietary needs, just ask!
  • Spend your day doing relaxing activities like using the sauna, bio mat, or reading by the fireplace
During this Women’s rest retreat you’ll be invited to experience Yoga Nidra, an ancient practice for deep rest and renewal. There is no movement or effort required. We lie down in a cozy nest of blankets and pillows. We invite deep relaxation into our physical bodies and minds by following prompts for breath sensing, body sensing, and guided imagery.
“If you are burned out, exhausted, and need to get away to take care of YOU- this is the place to do it! This retreat is deeply nourishing and rejuvenating.” – Retreat participant
Using the Daring to Rest Yoga Nidra method for women, we will be tending to our exhaustion on 3 levels:

1) Physical exhaustion (Rest phase: Saturday)

2) Mental/emotional exhaustion (Release phase: Sunday)

3) Soul/life purpose exhaustion (Rise Phase: Monday)

What does a rest retreat look like?
Well, first of all, everything is optional!  And there is unstructured time for reading/journaling, walking by the ocean, using the sauna or biomat, sitting by the fireplace.   You can also book a massage or reiki session onsite with local practitioners ( for an additional cost).
Here’s what Friday looks like:
4-6pm: Tea by the fireplace: meet Hester and the other participants
6-7pm: Dinner prepared for you
7-8pm: Opening session by the fireplace: Introductions, Hester’s rest story, the basics of Yoga Nidra and setting your intentions
Here’s what our days will look like on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday:
Sleep in as much as you need to
8-9am: Breakfast prepared for you (if you’re still sleeping no worries, eat when you arise)
9-11am: Free time, 1:1 sessions with Hester, or massages/healing arts
11-12pm: Walking meditation outdoors
12-1pm: Lunch prepared for you
Free time
2-4pm: Yoga Nidra
Free time
6-7pm: Dinner prepared for you
Relaxing in the evening by the fireplace, reading, or writing in your journal
Going to bed whenever you wish
What will our sessions together include?

1) A short relaxation scan to take note of how we’re feeling.
2) Yoga Nidra in one of these ways:-Deep rest with Yoga Nidra all snuggled into our blankets & pillows (indoors)
-A Yoga Nidra session outdoors in sleeping bags and zero gravity chairs around the campfire including a releasing ritual to release what no longer serves us into the fire.
-A walking Yoga Nidra meditation outdoors at the Labyrinth.  This practice helps us tap into our creativity and move forward on whatever path you have chosen in your life.
3) Journaling prompts to connect to any soul whispers that come from deep rest.
4) A short relaxation scan to rest our way out of the session.



DATES: The retreat begins Friday October 25th at 3 pm and concludes on Tuesday October 29th at 1 pm. Guests may extend their stay an additional night to enjoy the renewal of Limina.

Our rest sessions are Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 11am-12pm and 2-4pm so there is plenty of unstructured time to use all of Limina’s amenities such as the sauna, biomat, walking by the ocean, observing the sunrise/sunset.

You may also choose to book private healing arts sessions like massage or reiki for an additional cost. More information about what to expect and preparing for the weekend will be share upon registration and prior to retreat beginning.


FEES: We offer different levels of room rates to suit a variety of budgets.  For one person, a four-night stay ranges from @ $985 – $1,910 depending on the room and rate chosen. All meals, speaker’s stipend, and materials are included. Click below to explore the rates and reserve your room.



Your retreat package includes:

A recording of Hester’s surrender to sleep meditation to help you unwind from your day and drift into a peaceful sleep.
Recordings of Hester’s rest, release and rise yoga nidra meditations so you can take rest home with you into your daily life.
An organic cotton eye pillow. This gentle weight over the eyelids signals to the vagus nerve that it’s time to rest.
Your own copy of the Daring to Rest book by Karen Brody. Hester will be teaching short rest practices from this book that you can continue to use at home.
Fairy Godmother Rest Balm by Hester’s friend Shelagh at 1912 Aromatherapy. Hester loves using this at night to drift into a peaceful sleep, or to go back to sleep after waking up in the night.

Try one of Hester’s Daring to Rest yoga nidra meditations here

Testimonials from past retreat participants:

“I liked that the group activities were clustered during the middle of the day. It gave us the ability to rise slowly and get going at our own pace.”
“I really felt supported by Hester’s facilitation. I could feel her genuine care for us and passion for what she was sharing, and most importantly for me, I truly felt no pressure to be in every session or like I didn’t have the freedom to make modifications that best supported me. That is huge for me, and I cannot overstate how that was the most important foundation of me being able to truly rest this weekend.”

“I loved how cozy and safe I felt and how you gave us explicit instruction that there was nothing we needed to do – I needed to hear that, to be given permission to do nothing and just rest.”

“I learned that I can rest.  Yoga Nidra helps you rest in moments that can be a lot or heavy.  It’s something that actually allows you to shut off your mind”.

“The rest retreat I attended with Hester was transformative for me. I arrived at the retreat emotional and mentally exhausted. My mother died about 6 months ago and the grief of her illness and death was crushing. I had never done Yoga Nidra before and didn’t know what to expect from the retreat but did my best to go in with an open mind. I came away from the retreat feeling rested, joyful, optimistic, and a believer in the restorative power of Yoga Nidra. I am so grateful for this retreat and for Hester’s teaching, it has helped me more than I can express.”

“Yoga nidra is amazing! I loved having my own “rest nest” for the retreat time- not having to clean it up each day and remake it made it extra cozy, and I looked forward to going to my nest.”


Meet Hester, your retreat leader


Register as a Commuter – $600

Questions? Contact info@liminarenewal.com.