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Fresh Insights for Advent

December 11 - December 13


Each Advent, we are invited to contemplate themes such as prophecy, preparation, and anticipation. This year as you prepare for the birth of Jesus – and for preaching during this season if you’re clergy –  join Dr. Deirdre Good and the Rev. Dr. Libby Catania for a series of three conversations that invite new ways to experience this season.

December 8 marks one of the major feast days of Mary and Bodhi day, which commemorates the enlightenment of the Buddha Shakyamuni. These historical figures embody spiritual paths that can deepen our experience of Advent. Our retreat sessions will include discussions of the misreading and misunderstanding of Mary’s “pondering” not only as a bad translation but also a catastrophic spiritual legacy. Mary understood the shepherds’ report of the words of the angels (Luke 2:19). Over the course of our conversations, we will explore Mary’s process of assessing and assenting to the past, present, and future revelations of God. Mary’s assent in the totality of her mind, spirit, heart, and body will be placed in conversation with the process of full awakening as experienced by the historical Buddha – Siddhartha Gautama. 


FORMAT:  Our main conversations will occur on ZOOM on Monday December 11th, Tuesday December 12th, and Wednesday December 13th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. Deirdre Good will begin each conversation about Mary’s assessment and assent. After a chance for discussion over our lunches, Libby Catania will share some thoughts on how the process of the Buddha’s enlightenment can offer us practices to embody the lessons learned from Mary.

In addition to the three luncheon sessions, Deirdre and Libby would appreciate the chance to meet participants prior to the retreat. We will gather on ZOOM on Sunday December 10th at 5 pm for conversation about what draws you to this topic.


Meet Deirdre Good and Libby Catania, Your Retreat Leaders







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