If you're curious about liminality, change, and transition and want to learn more, welcome! We've linked to selected articles about liminality, change and transition. Or perhaps you're interested in listening to our podcast with musings about embracing change as a bridge to personal transformation. If you prefer reading, check out our blog. We'd love to hear what else you'd like to learn - reach out any time. Abundant blessings as you connect to the wisdom of liminal times.

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Liminality comes from the Latin līmen, meaning ‘threshold.’ In its literal sense, a threshold is a doorway. So liminality is the threshold, or gateway, between two stages and in that space lies tremendous wisdom.

“The essence of life takes place in the neutral zone phase of transition. It is in that interim spaciousness that all possibilities, creativity and innovative ideas can come to life and flourish.” 

Susan Bridges

LIve with LImina:
conversations about Living with and Embracing change

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