Reservation system is now live!

This is definitely not the most beautiful picture, but it fills me with excitement! After so many months of logo design, website creation, space clearing, talking with architects, site planners, contractors, and sub-contractors, re-purposing the furniture that conveyed and sourcing other pieces (many thanks to Vicki at Perry’s Furniture), emptying rooms, creating plans to move the furniture to their permanent homes, and endlessly cleaning the construction dust (couldn’t have done it without Oaknut Cleaning), we have finally launched our reservation platform!!!

We are starting slow this spring so that we can find a sustainable rhythm of life in the house when we have guests on retreat. We are thrilled that very soon Limina will be welcoming people seeking rest and renewal during times of transition.

Our learning curve remains vertical, but we are loving the ride. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next – Happy New Year everyone! May it be filled with surprises, delight, and the chance to connect more deeply with the inner stirrings of your hearts.