Opening paths

With the leaves all down I have been able to see the land in new ways. I am seeing majestic trees that stand wise and strong. A White Pine that would need 2 humans to hug it, a giant Birch tree that soars over the spring fed creek, a grove of young hemlocks nestled around their caring mother, a gorgeous ash tree hovering over a bed of ferns. These trees will be some of the special sites our new walking paths will find. You will discover them as you journey on a path with views from above the canopy of the creek gully, a path through the creek bed, meadow trails full of wild flowers and of course trails down to the beach with magnificent views of Penobscot Bay.  We are excited for the guests of Limina to find new paths to connect to the spirits of all the beings of Nature. (The picture is an ice formation, not a forest being encased in ice!)

May you walk in Beauty,