Nature tables

Many years ago while working for the hospice and palliative care unit at UVA hospital, my friend Dinah would bring treasures to work. A newly opened flower, an interesting rock, a twisting branch, or a feather. Daily there seemed to be new delights. Her children attended our local Waldorf school where students and teachers create seasonal scenes as a focal point in the classroom, and Dinah blessed us by bringing this practice to work

Our dining room table at Limina can seat 14 people … a huge table! … and I’ve struggled to find centerpieces that feel appropriately sized without blocking conversation partners seated across from me. Last week I visited the lovely shop “Bramble” in Belfast, where Lisa help me create this living diorama for our table. I adore the inclusion of various natural elements, and the little creatures scattered throughout.  It will be so fun to see the treasures that guests collect to add to the scene.  Come and see!