Meet our new friends at Limina

One of the great joys of this process of birthing Limina is meeting local artists. Today, we traveled to Stone Designs and Granite Gallery to meet Obadiah. We have been seeking special pieces to place on the property as greeters for all who visit Limina. It was very important to us that the sculptures be created by local artists using natural materials that were harvested in ways that did not harm the earth. Obie lives on a SPECTACULAR piece of land, with natural granite and pine trees bordering pristine ponds. We immediately bonded over mountain biking (Bill) and cold water immersion (me) and felt our spirits resonate with Obie’s art. He up-cycles stone from neighboring granite quarries, or uses remnants left on his land.  We are elated to be welcoming the “Star Being” to Limina this spring. This sculpture will grace the top of the driveway, and the precious angel will greet guests at the front door.  Thank you, Obie, for blessing our land.