May Creations

May has brought us new friends and new creations. Sharing bonfires on the beach with old and new friends created a magical night for us. It was enchanting to watch the sunset and the fire grow. Burning old scraps of wood from the sea and created these smoke and fire “sculptures” from a blazing piece of birch bark. What do you see?

We also created this scene from more gifts that the ocean gave us on our walks. Is it a mama guarding her eggs or ???  I find it so inspirational to walk on the beach and notice all the creations of nature. All the amazing forms and colors and textures seem endless to me!

Our first trails around the property are rough cut in and we are now fine tuning them and choosing special ways to connect us with all the beings that grace this land. We look forward to enjoying the trails for walks and forest bathing.

I invite you to come to Limina and wander out and create something. Go explore how the creek or ocean interacts with its surroundings.   I wonder how they will interact with you?