Limina chakra candles

I love beeswax candles and use essential oils in various ways, so it was so much fun to create Limina chakra candles! Author and teach Carolyn Myss, who is an healer with roots in Catholic and Episcopal churches, describes chakras as data banks in our biology that store and manage power. Extending from our pelvis up our spine and out the top of our heads, this energetic system keeps track of where we invest our spirit. Myss teaches extensively on how we can manage this energy with the help of the seven sacraments and energy healing. I’ll be incorporating her work into some of the retreats at Limina.

When we are blocked in an area, we can experience physical symptoms. For example, have you ever worried intensely about something and ended up with a headache? Or felt your stomach clench when feeling insecure about a situation? We can support the healthy flow of energy in our bodies through color and scent, such as using lavender to help us relax and sleep. So I developed this set of chakra candles to offer support for enhancing and releasing energy in our bodies. Check them out in our store or they’re available at Limina.