Limina at work in my life

In this post, Bill shares how Limina has supported his ongoing transitions that began last year.

2022 was undoubtedly a liminal year for me. The clear transition from “first half” to “second half of life” (drawing on the work of Richard Rohr) was in full force. Making the very difficult decision to sell our family business of 50 years didn’t come without major turmoil and heartache. If COVID wasn’t enough of a push, I fortunately had the “second half” inspiration of our new project, Limina Renewal Center, to pull me through. Although a very exhausting process, the lessons learned and experiences I endured were opportunities I could never replace. Like most of life’s greatest lessons, I doubt I would have chosen to do it if I had realized how hard it would be.

Pausing to look back for a moment, I can now see how I was guided into this path by forces much larger than me.  Expected resources were taken away and unexpected resources presented themselves. Very reluctantly at first, I learned that I had to be willing at certain points to be able to exhale and trust that an answer would emerge. My old way – Work harder! – was not going to serve me well here. My old toolbox did not have the appropriate tools. I needed to have the courage to push aside the old toolbox and trust that new ways would come to me.

Taking time to breath in nature and to appreciate the beauty of our world was the positive energy that served me. I needed that replenishment to balance the deep sadness of unraveling our family business and painfully letting decades of memories and relationships contently transition into my past. I had to stay strong when some events or people tried to pull me down. I had to stay vulnerable when events and people needed my love. I had to stay clear so I could know the difference. I often made mistakes and when I did, I tried to let my ego go, listen to what felt right, be humble, and try to correct it or just accept it. My journey is still on going and I hope I will remember to appreciate my blessings and keep reminding myself to trust the spirit and let Limina do her work.