Healing at Limina

Many of you know that last month, our 2.5 year old rescue pup, Abby, suddenly went into kidney failure. We were shocked and distraught to hear from the emergency vet that her kidney values were “unliveable.” But the vet clearly didn’t account for the extraordinary life force in our sweet survivor.  In addition to traditional veterinary medicine and twice daily sub-q fluids, we immediately started Abby on a raw food diet of meat and vegetables, began herbal support for her kidneys and immune system, and took her to a canine acupuncturist / chiropractor. As you can see, she even practices yoga while getting fluids! In a month, she has regained the 8 pounds that she lost, and is full of life and vigor.  She has spent most of this time at Limina, where she has loved daily walks on the land and extended naps in the sun. Limina is a place of healing and we hope you will come to experience these graces.