Grief among the trees

Many of you have been kindly praying for our sweet rescue pup Abby, who suddenly went into kidney failure in mid-February. After two months of traditional and complementary therapies to support her, we feel her spirit preparing to leave her body. Our hearts are broken-open.

Last week, Bill and I went for a hike at Blue Hill Mountain to find some relaxation and perspective. All around me, the trees were teaching me lessons of life and adaptation to adversity and death and beauty in death and new life. I can feel my heart twisting around the hole that Abby is leaving, and finding hope in mosses and lichen. I try not to stop the tears, and let them flow to honor her and water memories that will stay with me forever.

Bill taught me about the phytoncides that trees release as part of their natural defense mechanisms against pests and microorganisms. These phytoncides have tremendous benefits to our human health, and I could feel the trees helping lower my cortisol and relax. And there is so much joy in our lives that help balance this grief. But today, I’m giving myself the gift of grieving for our sweet girl among the company of trees.