From the storm …

Winter Storm Elliott has been creating havoc all over the country, with even worse conditions predicted in the next couple of days. Here at Limina, I’m not sure if we’re experiencing the front-end of Elliott, but the winds and rain have been torrential. The windows in the house will be replaced this spring because the seals are broken and they sway quite dramatically in high winds. While scary to witness, perhaps this “give” is saving us from shattered glass. Since the winds are gusting out of the south, the rain is coming through every window and we have spent most of the day moving from room to room to mop water off the sills and floors. We are so grateful to be here to see the power of nature and to care for this beautiful home as she endures this onslaught.

The most jaw-dropping part of the storm was watching the ocean wash over our little beach to merge with the “creek” on the other side. Neighbors say that they have never seen so much water in the cove, and we are very anxious to see the damage when the water recedes. Already, we see tons of trees and other debris lodged in the rocks on the share, and PRAY that our little grassy knoll and fire pit survive.

In our family room, I have a print of the page from Charlie Mackesy’s book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse (if you don’t have this book, order it immediately!!!) The print shows the horse galloping through storm clouds, with a rainbow breaking through as the boy asks: “What’s the best thing you’ve learned about storms?” The horse replies: “That they end.” That reminder has been my mantra today. “This will end” was on my lips as we worked and prayed through the storm. The more I repeat this simple phrase, the more I feel it expanding in my heart. We’re experiencing a lot of storminess related to the sale of Bill’s company, and are feeling battered by stress and strain. “This will end” helps me to remember that emotions are running high, especially with the holidays, and that this intensity will pass. It may take a while to recover, but I’m trust there’s a beautiful rainbow beginning to emerge. May everyone in the path of Elliott feel the wisdom “This will end” and remain safe until it does. Abundant blessings to you all.