Fog, mist, rain, mist, downpour …repeat!

Recently, Bill and I were meeting with someone who told us that this June has been the 2nd wettest June since they starting measuring rainfall. With over 5″ of rain, folks were grateful for the replenishment of lakes, ponds, and aquaphors – and our baby plants were very happy to get regular drenchings. That being said, we were all grateful for every second that the sun shone.

The fog created some gorgeous new scenes on the land – mystery and mysticism walking hand in hand. At “Arts in the Park” last weekend, I overheard someone saying that the fog was dragon’s breath rolling onto the land.  For me, faith is trusting that Blue Hill and Turtle Head are still there even when completely obscured, and praying that the dragon doesn’t eat Turtle Head!

Rain or shine, every day is beautiful at Limina.