Fall Equinox retreat recap

What a perfect weekend to reflect on the teachings of the Fall Equinox! With warm sunny days, and crisp cool evenings, the natural world was inviting us to absorb the wisdom of this time of year. All around we saw fruits of the land ready to be harvested. So we spent time wondering things like “what can we celebrate about the last year? As we harvest fruits in our lives, what parts have shriveled and can be sorted out? What can we gather in and store up for the winter times in our lives?”

While we were experiencing the perfect balance between day and night, we shared around questions like “what keeps me in balance in the spring / summer? Is it different in the fall / winter? Is there an area of my life where I feel out of balance? Is my heart, mind, body, spirit seeking a new rhythm of life this fall?” We learned so much about ourselves and each other, and got some great ideas for finding balance anew.

Finally, as we feel the days shortening and the arrival of more darkness, we discussed how good and necessary darkness is for our well-being. New life is nurtured and emerges from the darkness, the moon and stars are most visible in the night sky, and a lighthouse offers guidance in the dark. Together we explored what strengths and insights we gleaned in “dark” times, and how to develop a spirit of acceptance when obvious sources of light are no longer present. Such wise and wonderful people, with huge open hearts, shared tears and laughter as we learned together. May the blessings of autumn be harvested in your lives.