Dancing with the sea

I went down to the beach for a dip the other evening, but hesitated when I stood on the shoreline. It’s one thing to dip into chilly water, it’s another thing to dip into chilly water with white caps that’s cloudy with silt and seaweed. Yet, I was feeling the need for a dose of cold for the mental boost, so I said my little mantra – “I’ll only go in as deep as it feels good… I don’t need to stay in for more than a couple of minutes … just go, don’t think” – and so in I went. After stumbling through the breakers, I stood chest deep with the waves rolling around me. It was cold. The sun was setting, and then slipped behind a cloud. The waves had me constantly off balance. My hoped-for mental boost was nearly a bust.

The waves pushed me and pulled me. Back-two-three, forward-two-three, back-two-three, forward-two-three… and all of a sudden I was dancing! The sea was still 55 degrees and quite rough and opaque with weird floaty stuff, but my attention had shifted from frustration to feeling myself flow with the waves. We waltzed together for a few minutes before I stumbled back to my towel and robe on shore. One big wave nearly took me down on my way in, but I didn’t care. The Spirit and the cold filled me with joy (and dopamine) and I had survived.