Creating and Accepting: Finding balance and peace with Mary and the Buddha

Images and commentaries on the annunciation to Mary depict her as a passive vessel of divinity, but the reality could not be further from the truth. Mary took a very active role in assessing the angel’s invitation before assenting to the creative process of birthing the Christ-child. I admit that I have spent much more thought on Mary’s fiat (“let it be done unto me”) or YES to God than on her intellectual process of reaching that place of acceptance. Nothing about Mary’s “yes” or role as God-bearer was passive!

On December 8, we celebrate one of the major feast days of Mary AND Buddhists commemorate the day of the historical Buddha’s enlightenment. Like Mary, Shakyamuni Buddha ultimately came to a place of radical acceptance, but his journey to enlightenment required intellectual, physical, and spiritual determination and persistence.

In our retreat, we will learn new ways to think about traditional Christian narratives and the Buddha’s enlightenment. These insights can help us find more balance and peace, especially when life feels out of control.

Treat yourself to some rest and renewal before the holidays, and join me and Dr. Deirdre Good for a very special Advent retreat. Stay at Limina, commute for the sessions, or join us virtually (all sessions will be recorded). Click here for more information.