Time for a course correction?

When heading out on a trip, dreaming about my garden, or starting a new knitting project, I love to plan plan plan! I just bought a knitting pattern for a mystery knit along and all I know is that we’ll be making a shawl and what materials I will need. I had so much fun looking through my stash of yarn, finding some wool that I could use (see photo) and then ordering a complementary skein to cover the shortfall. I love “knitting from my stash” because it helps me declutter and saves money. But the planning can stray so easily …

In the process of looking at examples of colors that would complement the burgundy and dark teal I have, I got more and more excited! I soon found a lovely silvery gray and added that single skein to my cart. But then I saw a pale mauve that would look so great with the burgundy and a sage green that would complement the dark teal. If I ordered the pale mauve, sage green, and two skeins of gray then I could make two shawls and give them as Christmas presents.

I was just about to check out when I realized I was about to buy four skeins of yarn to help me use up two. What the ?!?!? And surely I would end up with leftover wool so there was a very real chance that I could knit the two shawls and end up with more wool in my stash than when I began.

The small straying of looking at other beautiful wools pulled me away from my goal of buying one needed skein. Several years ago I was blessed to hear a talk by Rabbi Meryl Crean. She had recently observed Yom Kippur with her congregation and reflected on the power of annually reviewing the areas of our lives where we can get off course. She referenced the “1 in 60 rule” from airplane navigation. This rule says that if you deviate from your intended path by one degree, the shift is not noticeable over a foot. But over a mile, you’d miss your mark by 92 feet! And if you were flying home from London to Boston ~ around 3270 miles ~ you would find yourself 60 miles off course, in the proximity of TF Green airport in Rhode Island! The illustration above shows the “1 in 60” rule in nautical miles.

Given my fresh experience with the yarn, I was grateful to read the invitation in the Scriptures appointed for this weekend. In the lessons from the prophet Jeremiah and the examples given by Jesus, we are invited to reflect on what happens when we are not centered on the Divine; when we allow our small actions to develop into unhealthy patterns in our lives and relationships. You can listen to my podcast where I reflect on the readings. This week, I’ll be reflecting on what areas in my life need a small or large course correction. May you be blessed with insights into ways you can make small changes to bring you back to your true self as a beloved child of God.