Well-rested women

Hester Kohl offered a beautiful yoga nidra retreat this weekend, with cozy rest nests and warm smiles. She taught us the Daring to Rest method of yoga nidra, with many […]

Present and Future Nourishment of Garlic

One of the leaders of our grief retreat offered a beautiful ritual around garlic. Her meditation invited us to reflect on the ways that we are like the head of […]

Tai Chi / Qi Gong at Limina

We are so fortunate that Dean Anderson has been offering movement classes on our deck. Dean is a wise, clear teacher and with every class, I feel more flow in […]

Limina loves parties!

This week, we were thrilled to share Limina with the community by hosting a series of parties. First, we had a cookout to thank all of the “angels” who worked […]

So much yumminess!

Our chef at Limina, Angela Cenzalli, is a creative genius. She serves healthy meals sourced from local farms (as much and possible) that satisfy people who have various food allergies […]

All creatures welcome at Limina … mostly!

In addition to the frequent sitings of a fluffy, flag-tailed fox (Ezzie) and a teeny black bear (George), late summer has given us the chance to see nature up close. […]

We have a labyrinth!

When we first walked the land at Limina, I kept saying to Bill, “the labyrinth could go here! or here! or here!” While the exact location took lots of consultation […]

Ezzie and his Eagle friend

I was exploring the tidal flats and laughing at Ezzie snarffling, rolling, racing through the water and generally being goofy. I expanded my gaze just in time to see the […]

Super duper supermoon

The waxing moon has been putting on an extraordinary show this week, almost like he’s rehearsing for the supermoon on August 1. You may know that supermoons appear closer and […]