The joy of “daydark” hours

Here in Maine, the sun is setting around 4 pm. At different times in my life, this would have been cause for grumpiness and lament. When the kids were all […]

Nurturing Compassion … in public restrooms

Recently I’ve felt my heart expand with compassion while in public restrooms. Yup, I’m just as surprised as you may be. Each week, Bill and I drive between Marstons Mills, MA […]

The Sound of Healing

I seem to have been spiritually guided towards music and sound over these past few months. It is always inspiring to me when I realize how new paths are introduced […]

Fall Equinox retreat recap

What a perfect weekend to reflect on the teachings of the Fall Equinox! With warm sunny days, and crisp cool evenings, the natural world was inviting us to absorb the […]

Even busy bees need a nap

Late one afternoon, I went out to harvest tomatoes and cut flowers for our table. I was snipping away, marveling at how exquisite the dahlias are this year, and came […]

New Friends

After several Forest Bathing – Nature Therapy walks I am pleased to say that our purpose built trails are a great addition to the Limina experience. They seem to be […]


Have you ever pressed a key on your computer and within a few seconds thought, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?” Well, I managed to completely crash our website with one quick […]

Wondrous Patterns of Limina

I find it endlessly fascinating to see all the wondrous patterns that Limina brings to me. It seems a day doesn’t go by that I discover some new masterpiece. The […]

Ripening, harvesting, preparing

All over the land, we can see the cycles of seed, blossom, pollination, emerging and ripening fruit, and seeds setting for next year. The lupines were EXQUISITE this year, and […]