Reflections from Limina

Hard blessings

In the last couple of months, we’ve heard the locals worry about the almost complete lack of snow.  People were finding ticks on themselves and dogs, the water table was

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Opening paths

With the leaves all down I have been able to see the land in new ways. I am seeing majestic trees that stand wise and strong. A White Pine that

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Limina at work in my life

In this post, Bill shares how Limina has supported his ongoing transitions that began last year. 2022 was undoubtedly a liminal year for me. The clear transition from “first half”

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From the storm …

Winter Storm Elliott has been creating havoc all over the country, with even worse conditions predicted in the next couple of days. Here at Limina, I’m not sure if we’re

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Overwhelmed by grace

From the moment that Limina was a tiny seed of an idea, Bill and I have been awed to see it has broken through the soil and begun to grow. 

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