Well-rested women

Hester Kohl offered a beautiful yoga nidra retreat this weekend, with cozy rest nests and warm smiles. She taught us the Daring to Rest method of yoga nidra, with many […]

The joy of “daydark” hours

Here in Maine, the sun is setting around 4 pm. At different times in my life, this would have been cause for grumpiness and lament. When the kids were all […]

Nurturing Compassion … in public restrooms

Recently I’ve felt my heart expand with compassion while in public restrooms. Yup, I’m just as surprised as you may be. Each week, Bill and I drive between Marstons Mills, MA […]

Fall Equinox retreat recap

What a perfect weekend to reflect on the teachings of the Fall Equinox! With warm sunny days, and crisp cool evenings, the natural world was inviting us to absorb the […]

Tai Chi / Qi Gong at Limina

We are so fortunate that Dean Anderson has been offering movement classes on our deck. Dean is a wise, clear teacher and with every class, I feel more flow in […]

Limina loves parties!

This week, we were thrilled to share Limina with the community by hosting a series of parties. First, we had a cookout to thank all of the “angels” who worked […]

Even busy bees need a nap

Late one afternoon, I went out to harvest tomatoes and cut flowers for our table. I was snipping away, marveling at how exquisite the dahlias are this year, and came […]

So much yumminess!

Our chef at Limina, Angela Cenzalli, is a creative genius. She serves healthy meals sourced from local farms (as much and possible) that satisfy people who have various food allergies […]