Present and Future Nourishment of Garlic

One of the leaders of our grief retreat offered a beautiful ritual around garlic. Her meditation invited us to reflect on the ways that we are like the head of […]

The Sound of Healing

I seem to have been spiritually guided towards music and sound over these past few months. It is always inspiring to me when I realize how new paths are introduced […]

New Friends

After several Forest Bathing – Nature Therapy walks I am pleased to say that our purpose built trails are a great addition to the Limina experience. They seem to be […]

Wondrous Patterns of Limina

I find it endlessly fascinating to see all the wondrous patterns that Limina brings to me. It seems a day doesn’t go by that I discover some new masterpiece. The […]

The trail keeps going

The trail network at Limina continues to develop with the help of numerous friends and supporters. It is so fun to see how all of the 19 different people who […]

May Creations

May has brought us new friends and new creations. Sharing bonfires on the beach with old and new friends created a magical night for us. It was enchanting to watch […]

Limina Progress

With renovations wrapping up and the landscaping about to start we are getting even more excited. Our vision has become reality and we can now share this special place. Welcoming, […]

The wonders of foresting bathing

I just returned from a wonder filled 5-day Nature immersion in Hendersonville NC. The conference was based on the emerging practice of Shinrin Yoku also known as Forest Bathing. Dr […]