All creatures welcome at Limina … mostly!

In addition to the frequent sitings of a fluffy, flag-tailed fox (Ezzie) and a teeny black bear (George), late summer has given us the chance to see nature up close. This little warbler found his way into the living room, and fortunately I heard him just before Ezzie. He was so scared that I was able to scoop him up and get him outside in seconds.

Our honeybees are going cuckoo for the Jerusalem artichokes just off the deck, so we’ve had fun watching them collect pollen and nectar for our hives. Thankfully, the coexist beautifully with the bumble bees, who love all the same flowers. Soon the dazzleberry sedum will bloom, and then we’ll see some serious bee waggling!

The yellow garden spider was an early morning visitor. Despite the heebie-jeebies crawling up my neck, I was able to admire her beauty from afar (thanks to the zoom feature on the phone 😍 ) Bill gently helped her return to the gardens so I could have my coffee without a heart attack.