A new running rhythm

I (Libby) have had an on-again, off-again, on-again relationship with running since I was a teenager. I began running as part of training for sports in high school, but fell in love with the sense of freedom and mental clarity that comes from a good run. Recently, I returned to running after a long-ish pause brought on by winter and grief following my brother’s death.

I’m very externally motivated, so to jump start my training, I signed up for the Mid-Coast Maine Half Marathon. Following Jeff Galloway’s run-walk-run method, I trained through the spring and had an awesome race! Staying well within myself, I trotted & toodled along while basking in the gorgeous views and the energy of the runners around me. And the Spirit seemed to have planted fun reminders of loved-ones who were with me in spirit as I ran.

This one’s for you Charlie!
Thinking of Joyce and her feasts


At this time in my life, I’m learning so much about the power of my mind in building and maintaining physical fitness.  After my Maine Coast run fun, I decided to train for a fall race. My resolve was tested while recently in Tucson where temperatures were 105-110 degrees! On the morning I arrived, my mind said

“it’s so hot!”

And my body said

“I’m so tired from traveling!”

But my heart and spirit said

“You’ll be ok. You’re strong and can nap later. Just try.”

So at 5:30 am I found myself running the planned 6-mile workout, and it was amazing! I was so proud of myself for getting out there and finishing when it would have been so easy to stay in my air conditioned room.

If I listen to just one part of my being, I can get incomplete messages that cause me to make decisions that limit me. Cold swimming through the Maine winter surely solidified this lesson. My body never wanted to step into 30 degree water! And my mind bounced back and forth between “you’re going to die! And you’re going to feel awesome at the end!” But my heart and spirit knew that a brief dip in the sea would help to heal and enliven me. And so I texted friends who were crazy enough to join me, and in we went!

The next time you find yourself facing something hard, take a minute to tune into the different parts of you. They all have a piece of wisdom to offer, and it’s important that the louder parts don’t always overshadow the more subtle energies. My new mantra is “just try” no matter how loud my mind and body holler.

If you have a way to motivate yourself through challenges of any size, I’d love to hear from you…. Please send me a note. Until then, happy trails!

Abundant blessings,